Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Kitty Fits.

Have you ever seen a kitty fit? The Midnight Crazies? Cat spazzes?

Occasionally, I have one and go dashing around my skybox, tail streaming behind me, eyes huge behind my glasses. Sometimes I leap onto my kitty tree and stay there for awhile, and sometimes I spaz my way down it, claw it, and then bolt upstairs to dash across the floor and flop on the couch. It is sometimes catnip induced, and sometimes it's just because I need to release pent up energy.

Right now, I am flopped on the kitty tree, still wearing my hat, gloves, and boots, and taking a breather from setting up for the RFL Clothing Fair. I've been a busy kitty lately! I rarely get to talk to my friends anymore, and socializing is as rare as me sharing my catnip, unless I'm DJing an event. I haven't even made it to a meeting to see my employer, Mr. Drinkwater!

But it's alright. It's for a good cause. I'll have two hats out for RFL, one's already made, and the other is going to be a Steamy Victorian.

Oh, oh, oh. I got a free dress today from Arundel's in Antiquity. It's lovely, and because of it, I am 650L poorer because I now have a new favourite dress. It's the one I'm wearing in the picture in this post. The hat is one of mine, and isn't released yet. I made the hat before I saw the dress, so I was delighted at the match!

Anyways, I'm too tired to ramble, I have done a lot of tedious and necessary work tonight, and I think my brain wants to turn to scrambled eggs.

Purrhaps I'll go down to the island and roll in my catnip patch.

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Edward Pearse, Duke of Argylle said...

Although my little furrbag doesn't do it as often as she used to (thankfully) I always referred to them as "Invisible Martians". She would race into the lounge a look of wide-eyed panic on her face, obviously running for the invading alien tripods and zoom out into the kitchen, only to return again a few minutes later (the Martians having obviously cut off her escape route).