Thursday, January 21, 2010


I haven't updated this in a long time. So I thought I should, since at the moment I am trapped. Please let me explain by way of an introduction.

This is another facet of me: Reggie. Reggie is, to put it plainly, the result of what happens when the switch from Reg doesn't work properly. Shi, for lack of a better pronoun, is a lot like me, but shi has a lot of Reg in hir as well.

Reggie has existed for a long time, but up until recently was called Reg/han. As someone called me Reggie a few weeks ago, and it was also what Reg was going to call himself originally, it seemed to be the purrfect name for the purrsonality in the middle. Hir first public appearance was at the Blue Mermaid in Caledon on Sea, and shi managed to get the attention of the ladies right away, not unlike Reg.

Reggie is a purrsonality of hir own, yet not, and a complex array of conflicting characteristics. Shi is, amongst other things: outgoing and shy, public and private, daring and cautious, male and female, funny and serious. Shi is a neko but has no tails to speak of, except on the men's clothing shi seems to prefer. At first glance, shi looks a lot like me, but there are some obvious and not so obvious differences.

Reggie does not live in the pocket, shi just simply disappears when the body switches to the more-dominant-at-the-moment purrsonality. But when Reggie returns, both Reg and myself are caught inside hir mind, while our bodies are fused into one. It's a very complex being, Reggie is.

The nice thing about Reggie is that shi has my skills, and I trust hir to fill in for me as needed. It's rather interesting to be caught in the middle like this, thankfully, because it can sometimes take some time to sort Reg and I out so we can be our single selves again.

I hope that Reggie can create a hat for me. I wonder how it would look. Hmm.

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